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Find out more about the previous edition of Big Buyers

During the previous round of the collaboration, public buyers worked on the following topics:

  • Electric Heavy-Duty Vehicles for waste collection, street cleaning and maintenance;
  • Zero-Emission Construction Sites (ZEMCONS);
  • Digital solutions in the healthcare sector;
  • Circular Construction – roads, infrastructure, public space (with focus on circular asphalt).

Until November 2022, when the previous round of the collaboration was completed, the Working Groups (WGs) were directly engaged with 61 companies and multiple business associations, across 16 market engagement sessions. Members participated in 46 online WG meetings, 4 site visits and 3 factory visits.

The WGs allowed in-depth exchange of experience and expertise between 60 purchasing entities, with a total procurement budget exceeding EUR 40 billion. The new edition of the collaboration will address even more thematic areas and support buyers over a period of approximately four years.

Discover the Outcomes of the four Working Groups under Big Buyers for Climate and Environment.