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  • EC Content
  • 18 MAY 2023

Recordings of the Procure4Health Webinar

Watch the recording of the webinar "Procure4Health Webinar: The Process of Innovation Procurement" and learn about innovation procurement in health sector through the experience of the European Community of Health and Social Care Working Groups! The Community started in 2022 and includes five working groups focused on digital healthcare and ICT, sustainable procurement and innovation, precision and predictive medicine, integrative care, and Impactful Innovation.

  • 25 APRIL 2023

ProCirc Results - Circular Procurement: No time to waste!

Watch to find out more about the Interreg NSR ProCirc project’s circular procurement journey in this results webinar and be inspired to take action. In three different sessions ProCirc partners shared their approaches and lessons learned over the 4.5 years of project implementation and participants from a wide range of sectors and circular economy stakeholders actively engaged with questions in the chat and in breakout sessions.

  • 9 NOVEMBER 2022

Outcomes of the four Working Groups under Big Buyers for Climate and Environment

On Wednesday 9 November more than 60 public procurers, technical experts and policy members from over 15 EU Member States met in Brussels for the First Annual Big Buyers Symposium. Opening the plenary, Merete Clausen, Director Investment (GROW.C), DG GROW, praised the work of the project and recognised the key role that procurement plays in supporting public authorities to address the key challenges faced by humanity. In this item you will find all presentations and documents shared on this day on the outcomes of the four working groups under Big Buyers for Climate and Environment.

  • 28 OCTOBER 2022

Joint Declaration of Intent by the Working Group on Circular Construction

The Joint Declaration of Intent developed in November 2022 by the Members of the Big Buyers for Climate and Environment’s Working Group on Circular Construction indicates the unmet needs in the field of road construction, in particular circular asphalt. It aims to provide Public Buyers and the market with a recommended direction of investments, as regards the tendering approaches and issues that require further analysis for broader use of circular asphalt.

  • EC Content
  • 27 SEPTEMBER 2022

Innovation Partnership: Quick Guide from Practitioners

This brief and easy-to-use guide describes the functioning of Innovation Partnerships step by step, explaining how to carry out market consultations and how to organize the preparation, negotiation and implementation phases.

  • 19 SEPTEMBER 2022

Joint Statement of Demand of Zero Emission Construction Sites Working Group

The Joint Statement of Demand published in 2022 by the Members of the Big Buyers for Climate and Environment’s Working Group on Zero Emission Construction Sites contains a number of ambitions to move to fossil fuel free construction machinery by 2025 and gradually increase the use of emission free machinery to at least 50% by 2030.

  • EC Content
  • 22 AUGUST 2022
  • FAQ

Public Procurement Q&A: Sanctions on Russia

The adopted sanctions against Russia are unprecedented, have broad consequences and take immediate effect. These Questions and Answers aim at supporting EU public buyers in their implementation, by explaining their logic and advising on application.

  • EC Content
  • 21 JUNE 2022

Study on the Value of the Innovation Partnership – Prof R. Servajean-Hilst

Learn how to assess the value of Innovation Partnership in the last lesson of our master class series on innovation! Discover the importance of conducting a cost and value breakdown analysis and evaluating potential risks. Our expert speaker will also share tips on involving innovative suppliers and assessing the cost and future value of innovation. With these insights, you can encourage suppliers to commit fully to the partnership while maintaining a fair and reasonable business relationship.

  • EC Content
  • 16 JUNE 2022

Webinar on Decent Work Conditions in Public Procurement

The fifth and final «Buy Social EU Lunchtime Talk» is about work conditions in public procurement. The objective is to discuss social considerations in public procurement, specifically how to ensure fair treatment and decent working conditions for workers employed in public procurement contracts.