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Procurement of AI

Support public buyers in procuring AI-enabled solutions that are trustworthy, fair and secure.


Focus of the community

EU wide model contractual clauses for the public procurement of trustworthy AI services aligned with the forthcoming AI Act framework.

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  • 25 MAY 2023

Recordings Of Plenary Session First Round table

On the 25th of May 2023 the first session of the Roundtables was held. The recordings of the plenary session opening the roundtables are uploaded in this resource. It introduces and explains who organised the round tables and provides a useful overview of the policy context of the Procurement Clauses of AI and the latest developments of the AI Act.

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  • 24 MAY 2023

Artificial Intelligence for the Public Sector: JRC- DG DIGIT conference and workshop Report

This report includes the conclusions of the webinars held to discover different roles of public sector with regard to AI, together with the material and main findings of the closing event. It reveals recent challenges, opportunities, and policy perspectives of the use of AI in the public sector, and distils a set of short takeaway messages.