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Public Buyers Community


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  • 116 members

Procurement of AI

Support public buyers in procuring AI-enabled solutions that are trustworthy, fair and secure.

  • 5 members

Network of Competence Centres

Network of Competence Centres aims to develop international bonds between competence centres by promoting sharing, collaboration and learning from one another.

  • 44 members

Circular and Fair ICT Pact

CFIT brings together public and private ICT procurers and governments in a collective movement.

  • 65 members

BIM and Public Procurement

BIM is a valuable tool and collaboration method in the design, construction, maintenance and management of built assets.

  • 42 members

PPE Alumni Network

A network among former participants of the EU funded Public Procurement Excellence Programme (PPE).

  • 41 members

Public Procurement Dialogues

Organisation of workshops in the 27 Member States to develop a dialogue on use of strategic public procurement to achieve green, social and innovation policy objectives.

  • 20 members

Heavy Duty Electric Vehicles

This CoP collaborates on challenges related to the public procurement of vehicles for environmental services, particularly street cleansing and waste collection.

  • 17 members

Circular Construction (CC)

This CoP aims to explore innovative solutions in terms of materials and methods to improve circularity.

  • 14 members


This CoP is focused on identifying and understanding the existing business models for digital procurement.

  • 22 members

Social Procurement

This CoP for socially responsible public procurement (SRPP) will contribute to using the purchasing of goods, works, and services to ensure positive social outcomes.

  • 11 members

Healthcare Efficiency

This CoP aims to facilitate communication and coordination across public buyers about efficiency in the healthcare sector throughout Europe.

  • 14 members

New European Bauhaus (NEB)

This pioneering group will be the first initiative connecting sustainable public procurement to NEB.

  • 9 members


The CoP Mobility will be focused on identification and understanding of the existing business models for Mobility Procurement.

  • 8 members

Healthcare Sustainability

The CoP aims to facilitate communication and coordination across public buyers about sustainability in the healthcare sector throughout Europe.

  • 33 members

Procure Innovation EU

This CoP aims to enhance the uptake of innovation procurement in the European Economic Area (EEA).