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Public Buyers Community

Play rules

Core values

We are in this together. We will work collectively and reach higher levels of performance.
Mistakes are a necessary part of learning curve; we need to share and discuss the issues and challenges we face.
Respect members’ different backgrounds and levels of expertise. Everyone is welcome to learn more about public procurement practices in the EU.
Content is at the epicentre of our joint effort. Everyone is invited to contribute to the General community and the specific Communities they are a part of to keep it profitable for common purposes.
We are each responsible for the language we use to convey our message and for our overall behaviour as part of the community.
The platform offers a safe space for stakeholders to interact and exchange experiences and knowledge. Confidentiality and fair practices must be respected by all members regardless of their role.

Roles and responsibilities

The responsibilities of each role are displayed in separated sections.

The governance of the Public Buyers Community Platform is based on the EC’s playbook for communities of practice. You can find more information about the playbook here.

Copyright and privacy

Information that is classified as public is visible to all members of the Public Buyers Community Platform. Members should aim to make their uploaded items and content publicly accessible unless copyright or other legal restrictions apply. Information that is classified as confidential is only visible to members of closed communities of practice.

Members are responsible for ensuring intellectual property rights of any content they share on the platform.

Please use a Creative Commons license when sharing your own content in the community if it is copyright protected.

Unless otherwise specified, the Creative Commons Attribution and Share-Alike license terms apply to content shared in the community.

The Public Buyers Community Platform is an online collaborative hub on which to share professional information and exchange ideas on the topic of public procurement. Members are recommended to keep discussions focused on the CoP’s topic and avoid unnecessary sharing of personal data.

Commercial acquisition

The consequenses of conducting commercial acquisition are described below.

Addressing inappropriate conduct

1. Let us know

Members can report content or behaviour that violates any of the Public Buyers Community Platform play rules to the General Moderator ( or to the Community Leader if it is taking place in a specific Community of Practice.

2. Addressing the issue

In case the General Moderator or a Community Leader suspects misbehaviour, they will invite the member for a dialogue (rebuttal). If the General Moderator or the Community Leader detects a violation of the play rules, the member will receive a verbal warning to modify their behaviour.

3. Removal of membership

Serious rule violations or repeated misconduct following a verbal warning may lead to the removal of a member from the platform. This decision, to be communicated in written form, is at the discretion of the General Moderator and based on the gravity of the violation or damage to the Public Buyers Community Platform and/or CoP.