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  • 14 MAY 2024

BBWT's In-Person Annual Conference insights

The Big Buyers Working Together (BBWT) team organised its first in-person annual conference on 24 April. The event offered a unique opportunity for sharing knowledge, forging connections, exchanging insights, and weaving the fabric of collaboration among public buyers on innovative and sustainable procurement. With participation from all 10 communities of practice that are part of the BBWT project, the discussions covered three key themes: green/digital, social, and health procurement.

  • 5 DECEMBER 2023

Knowledge platform on circular procurement:

The Dutch national knowledge platform,, is now available in English. You can visit it at This knowledge platform contains relevant information on circular procurement and best practices from the Netherlands.

  • 26 OCTOBER 2023

Report: The Future of Sustainable Public Procurement – Legal Possibilities and Obligations (Main Conclusions of UU Meeting)

What will the legal landscape of public procurement in the European Union look like in the future? Will mandatory green and social procurement become the standard? And if so, what to think of it and how to ensure effective regulation that works in practice?

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  • 5 JULY 2023

European Product Registry for Energy Labelling (EPREL)

Discover the potential of EPREL (European Product Registry for Energy Labelling) - an invaluable for public procurement. Explore its vast database of over 1.5 million registered models, allowing buyers to effortlessly search, select and sort products based on specific parameters, enabling accurate assessment of the most populated energy efficiency classes and informing optimal minimum requirements.

  • 16 JUNE 2023

The English edition of the open-access book "Public Procurement, Theory, Practices and Tools"

With support of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, VNG, VNO-NCW and the Dutch Competence Centre on procurement PIANOo Expertisecentrum Aanbesteden, this book has been published open access, meaning that the digital version of the book can be read free of charge.

  • 9 JUNE 2023

Green Public Procurement Criteria and Requirements

Common EU Green Public Procurement criteria are those criteria that can be incorporated into a public procurement procedure for goods, services or works in order to reduce the environmental impact of a purchase.