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News article8 December 2023

Council and Parliament reach deal to revise energy performance of buildings directive


Buildings are responsible for over one third of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU. Thanks to this agreement, we will be able to boost buildings’ energy performance, cut emissions and tackle energy poverty. This is one more big step closer to EU’s objective of reaching climate neutrality by 2050. Today is a good day for citizens, our economy and our planet.

Teresa Ribera, Spanish third vice-president of the government and minister for the ecological transition and the demographic challenge

Read here the full Press Release of the Council 

The two co-legislators have agreed on article 9a on solar energy in buildings which will ensure the deployment of suitable solar energy installations in new buildings, public buildings and existing non-residential ones which undergo a renovation action that requires a permit.

Article 9A

Solar energy in public and existing buildings (Article 9a)

Co-legislators agreed on to ensure the deployment of solar installation on public and non-residential buildings as follows:

  • New buildings: by 31 Dec 2026 on buildings above 250m², by 31 Dec 2029 on all new roofed car parks physically adjacent to buildings;
  • Existing public buildings: by 31 dec 2027 for those over 2000m²; by 31 Dec 2028 on those above 750m²; and by 31 Dec 2030 on those above 250m²
  • Existing non-residential buildings: by 31 Dec 2027 on those above 500 m² where the building undergoes a major renovation or an action that requires an administrative permit.


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