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News article6 February 2024

Net-Zero Industry Act: Council and Parliament strike a deal to boost EU’s green industry

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You can find the full press release of the European Council here.  

Solar Panels are defined as a net zero technology. The press- release contains the following text on the public procurement of net zero technologies: 

Public procurement

The rules governing the way public authorities will purchase goods, works and services related to strategic net-zero technologies are designed to better ensure that requirements are transparent, implementable, and harmonised and that the supply of those technologies to the EU is diversified, while safeguarding sufficient flexibility for contracting authorities.

The act agreed on today regulates the use of schemes incentivising the purchase of net-zero technology products and defines sustainability and resilience contributions in public procurement procedures. The environmental sustainability contribution will be a mandatory minimum requirement, while the resilience contribution will be applied if there is a third-country dependence of more than 50% for a specific strategic net-zero technology (or for its components). This criterion will only be considered if the Commission has first assessed the level of dependence of each technology from a particular third country.

If the application of the resilience and sustainability contribution results in a disproportionate cost difference or if no suitable tenders or requests have been submitted, contracting authorities may decide to not apply these criteria.


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