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Joint Statement of Demand of Zero Emission Construction Sites Working Group


The Joint Statement of Demand published in 2022 by the Members of the Big Buyers for Climate and Environment’s Working Group on Zero Emission Construction Sites contains a number of ambitions to move to fossil fuel free construction machinery by 2025 and gradually increase the use of emission free machinery to at least 50% by 2030. This statement, currently signed by Barcelona, Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Vantaa and Bodø, is a clear signal to the market that there is a demand for emission free construction machinery should it be made available by manufacturers. Signatories of the Joint Statement of Demand commit to:

  • Require fossil-free construction machinery in own public projects from 2025, with at least 20% emission free machinery, where available.
  • Require fossil-free construction machinery in own public projects from 2030, with at least 50% emission free machinery, where available.


“As public buyers, we are committed to leveraging our procurement as a tool to promote sustainable development and innovation. We aim to transition towards carbon neutrality by eliminating emissions from our construction works, whilst improving the local air quality and conditions of construction workers. The construction sector represents as much as 36% of global energy use and 39% of GHG emissions1. This means the sector presents a clear opportunity to make a significant impact in lowering global GHG and solving local environmental problems. Cities, which largely concentrate the negative externalities caused by construction works (e.g., air pollution, noise, congestion), can be frontrunners in the promotion of cleaner construction machinery, with which they can also achieve improved health and safety for workers on-site and quality of life for citizens in the surrounding area”.

Current Signatories:

The City of Barcelona

The City of Bodø

The City of Copenhagen

The City of Helsinki

The City of Oslo

The City of Vantaa



ZEMCONS Joint Statement of Demand
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