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BIM and Public Procurement

BIM is a valuable tool and collaboration method in the design, construction, maintenance and management of built assets.

Webinar: Introduction to Building Information Modelling (BIM) in procurement procedures

All participants will have an opportunity to delve into the concept of BIM within the context of public procurement. Join us on 21 May for a webinar focusing on the integration of ΒΙΜ in procurement procedures for infrastructure projects. 



  1. 21 May 2024,
    10:30 AM - 11:50 AM CEST
    Draft agenda

    10:30-10:35: Welcome — Marta Toporek/Ivo Locatelli, DG GROW, European Commission 

    10:35-10:50: Introduction on the intersection of BIM and public procurement — Mag.Dr. Michael FRUHMANN (Leiter der Stabsstelle) 

    10:50-11:05: From works contracts to collaborative contracts: the challenges of BIM in public procurement — Prof. Avv. Gabriella M. Racca (Full professor of Administrative Law, Department of Management, University of Turin)

    11:05-11:20: Example of the BIM uptake at national level: the Spanish BIM Plan — Aida Joaquín Acosta (Chief of Cabinet of the Viceminister, Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, Spain)

    11:20-11:45: Discussion moderated by Marta Toporek/Ivo Locatelli: What are the needs of community members/ stakeholder and areas of joint activities in the context of the Community of Practice?

    11:45-11:50: Closing remarks — Marta Toporek/Ivo Locatelli

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BIM and Public Procurement
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