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BIM and Public Procurement

BIM is a valuable tool and collaboration method in the design, construction, maintenance and management of built assets.


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  • 15 DECEMBER 2022

Webinar on ''Building Information Modelling and Public Procurement - two allies''

The webinar ‘Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Public Procurement – Two allies’ organised by the Technical Secretariat of the High Level Construction Forum (HLCF) focuses on the launch of the ‘BIM in Public Procurement’ community within the broader ‘Digital Public Buyers Platform’ and the promotion of good practices within the construction sector and steer Member States to take next steps for the integration of BIM in Public procurement by means of two panel discussions.

  • 29 NOVEMBER 2021

BIM Requirements in the Spanish Public Tender—Analysis of Adoption in Construction Contracts

The objective of this document is to analyze the Spanish public procurement, highlighting the progress made so far in the implementation of the methodology, as well as to develop a proposal of BIM requirements that, in general, could be used as a reference for tenders of the AECO sector in the country, in order to prevent the publication of public contracts with insufficient definition of requirements, which in turn could generate conflicts between the participant agents.

  • 27 AUGUST 2020

Public Clients Ability to Drive Industry Change: The Case of Implementing BIM

This paper argues that public clients have the power and are in the position to act as »innovation supporters« and »change agents«. Findings contribute to the literature on public clients as drivers of change and innovation in construction and are relevant to research on public clients as drivers for industry change and innovation and to research on BIM as a game changer.