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BIM and Public Procurement

BIM is a valuable tool and collaboration method in the design, construction, maintenance and management of built assets.

Spanish BIM Pilot Project Support Program


BIM Pilot Project Support Program is a CIBIM support action to Spanish contracting authorities.

Spanish BIM Plan mandates contracting authorities to use different BIM levels in certain public sector contracts related with construction above a certain estimated contract value, according to a progressive calendar from 2024 to 2030.

BIM Pilot Projects Support Program will accompany contracting authorities in pilot BIM use cases at small scale, through the bidding preparation phase and contract execution phase, before adopting BIM in larger scale projects. 

The typology of the pilot project does not necessarily have to correspond to the project phase, or to the whole life cycle of the asset.

The Program will provide support at:

  • The pre-selection and diagnosis of the Pilot Projects. A self-assessment tool may be used for defining the BIM maturity level of the contracting authority.
  • The definition of an Action Plan, in which BIM objectives and uses are set, key milestones are identified, and the necessary human and material resources deadlines are analysed. Necessities of a BIM strategy, procedures, common data environment, BIM roles, among many other, will be analysed.
  • The preparation of the technical specifications of the procurement document to include BIM requirements. Those specifications will follow CIBIM’s technical documents
  • Completing a self-assessment form to share the experience of the pilot project. 

The Program is attended by multidisciplinary expert staff from a BIM technical office, and will provide in person meetings, and remote assistance through a query mailbox and a support phone number.


Spanish BIM Pilot Project Support Program-Document
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