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BIM and Public Procurement

BIM is a valuable tool and collaboration method in the design, construction, maintenance and management of built assets.

Integration of Life Cycle Data in a BIM Object Library to Support Green and Digital Public Procurements


To reduce the environmental and economic impacts of the construction sector it is essential to follow sustainable models in each stage of the design process, including the procurement phase. Construction costs are generally calculated at this stage, overlooking life-cycle impacts. Since 2016, the Italian code of public procurement requests to comply with environmental minimum criteria and introduced the mandatory use of digital methods and tools. Given the opportunity to exchange information through BIM objects, this research explores the possibility to manage environmental and economic data with digital methods and tools in public procurement. This paper presents an evaluation system and a workflow to support the decision makers in considering the life cycle of a construction, optimizing environmental and economic impacts. The evaluation system developed is based on parameters, focused on environmental and economic impacts. Parameters have been collected analyzing and comparing sustainability norms and protocols. Results show that the developed system not only can support a public body during the procurement phase, but also delivers a database for further project phases, such as operation and end of life.


Ambra Barbini
Giada Malacarne
Katrien Romagnoli
Giovanna A. Massari
Dominik T. Matt
BIM and Public Procurement
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