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Circular and Fair ICT Pact

CFIT brings together public and private ICT procurers and governments in a collective movement.

News article4 April 2023

CFIT framework for Circular and Fair Procurement of ICT

CFIT Framework document

This first version of the CFIT framework was developed with a working group of CFIT participants and a few external experts. Besides defining ambitions around four core themes, the working group also discussed key strategies for procuring organizations to work towards these ambitions. The strategies are:

  • Buy less,
  • Buy better,
  • Use better,
  • Use longer.

For each strategy, commitments have been formulated, which CFIT participants will consider as part of their procurement strategies. To illustrate what implementation of the commitments could look like in practice, the CFIT secretariat has teamed up with a consultant to document examples, which will be published in the period to come.

The CFIT working group on monitoring and evaluation, is also developing a self-assessment monitoring framework that builds on these commitments.


Circular and Fair ICT Pact
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