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The CoP Mobility will be focused on identification and understanding of the existing business models for Mobility Procurement.

About Mobility

Objectives of the CoP Mobility are:

  1. Exchange experiences and best practices on mobility procurement
  2. Share market intelligence and engage in joint market dialogue
  3. Jointly develop and implement innovative procurement approaches on mobility-related procurement 
  4. Comparing and aligning different methods of procuring (e.g., dynamic purchasing systems and systems of open tenders).
  5. Reinforcing the joint purchase powers of public authorities, by stimulating joint procurement practices on mobility services and bridge the gap between suppliers and procurers.  
  6. Discussing new criteria and standards for tenders

Added value to the procurement practices:

  1. Aligned demands across public buyers, to support take-up by industry
  2. Identification/better understanding of the existing business models for innovative solutions.
  3. Development and real-world testing of procurement documentation through pilots to test and review.