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Network of Public Procurement Review bodies of South-Eastern Europe

Collaboration of first instance review bodies in public procurement.

About the Network of Public Procurement Review bodies of South-Eastern Europe

The Network of public procurement review bodies in south-eastern Europe consists of 9 review bodies from different neighbouring countries in south-east Europe that joined the Network and are its Members.

The public procurement review bodies (Members) are from:

  1. Albania
  2. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  3. Croatia
  4. Kosovo
  5. North Macedonia
  6. Montenegro
  7. Slovenia
  8. Romania
  9. Turkey

First 8 countries signed the Memorandum of cooperation in Tirana on 28th of October 2022.

In first year the Network is chaired by the Member from Albania.

Last Member of the Network, Turkey, joined the Network in May 2023. The Memorandum of Cooperation for Turkey's membership in the Network of Procurement Review Bodies of Southeast Europe was signed in Ankara.

Review bodies from another countries may join the Network but with the approval of all Members.



Exchange best practices in form of adopted decisions, legal oppinions, etc.


Exchange of information regarding best practices in terms of internal organization, digitalization of review procedure, cooperation with other relevant institutions with competences in the fiels of competition, anticorruption etc.

Added value:

  • General strengthening of the professional capacity of review bodies in the south-eastern Europe through enhancing direct cooperation and open dialogue between the countries in the region.
  •  Enhancing the systems of legal protection and therefore preserving the integrity of the public procurement processes in countries forming the network.
  • Sharing experience and results in internal digitalization of review procedure will furthermore improve effectiveness and speed up the review procedure.