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Network of Public Procurement Review bodies of South-Eastern Europe

Collaboration of first instance review bodies in public procurement.

News article23 June 2023

Workshop “On the development of the review and remedies system based on past practices and those of the future”

Group photo of the participants

The Albanian Procurement Commision, as Member of the Network of Public Procurement bodies of South-Eastern Europe, in cooperation with the Sigma OECD and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, organised and held in Tirana at the premises of Rogner Hotel Tirana, on June 14, the workshop “On the development of the review and remedies system based on past practices and those of the future”.

In this workshop designed for Members of the Network and the staff that supports the activity of the procurement review bodies, participants were representatives from SIGMA OECD and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

From Network attended representatives of the Public Procurement Commission of the Republic of Albania, Public Procurement Review Body of Bosnia and Herzegovina, The State Commission for Supervision of Public Procurement Procedures of Croatia, Procurement Review Body of the Republic of Kosovo, The State Commission for Protection of Rights in Public Procurement Procedures of Montenegro, The State Commission for Public Procurement Appeals of North Macedonia, Nacional Council for Solving Complaints of Romania, The National Review Commission for Reviewing Public Procurement Procedures of Slovenia, as well as the Public Procurement Authority of the Republic of Tϋrkiye).

The topics covered were:

  • Current challenges in front of the PRB’s
  • Governance of PRB institutions in modern times
  • Transparency as the main pillar of institutional quality
  • CJEU Case-law (2018-2022)
  • Implementation of the CJEU verdicts in PRB’s case law
  • Digitalization and Transparency of PRB’s work
  • Independence of the PRB’s
  • Procedural fairness and market trust in public procurement review
  • Changes in legislation, a way to strengthen or weaken the system
  • The Network of Public Procurement Review Bodies in South-Eastern Europe

During his speech, the Chairman of the Public Procurement Commission, Mr. Jonaid Myzyri, at the same time the current head of the Network of Procurement Review Bodies in South-Eastern Europe, expressed gratitude to all network members, and said that cooperation with similar institutions of other countries of the same field is important for the development of the public procurement system and the values ​​and commonalities of the Southeast European countries offer a strong basis for cooperation.

Mr. Myzyri said that his work as a leader, in the first year of the establishment of the network, has been focused on the main purpose of its creation, which is the exchange of experiences, opinions and knowledge between member states.

Also, Mr. Myzyri conducted a detailed analysis of the results achieved and the challenges encountered so far, highlighting the needs as a result of the problems he has found during his meetings with each member country, and spoke about further steps, to be undertaken on the function of network.