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Public Procurement Dialogues

Organisation of workshops in the 27 Member States to develop a dialogue on use of strategic public procurement to achieve green, social and innovation policy objectives.

News article26 April 2024

Strategic public procurement workshop in Finland on 12 April 2024

Workshop in Finland

The workshops as part of the 'Organisation of workshops in the 27 Member States to develop a dialogue on the use of strategic public procurement (green, social and innovation)' are continuously being implemented, with Finland taking place as the 13th Dialogue.

The workshop in Finland took place on 12 April 2024 in Helsinki, Finland, hosted by the Ministry of Finance at the Ministry of Transport and Communications and prepared in collaboration with the Project Team from PwC and ICLEI, and DG GROW.

Workshop in Finland

This workshop took a unique format, with all c. 20 participants collectively identifying potential needs and gaps in the first plenary session. The common conclusion revolved around the highly important role the network-based KEINO Competence Center had in providing support, tools and motivation in the sphere of strategic public procurement. Participants also touched upon, amongst other things, on the promising actions within the current ProcurFinland Programme. 

The participants represented various key organizations involved in Finnish public procurement, including ministries, institutes, regional and local associations, research centers and central purchasing bodies. They engaged in discussions not only on the potential needs and gaps, but also on potential solutions, and collectively shaping a roadmap to enhance strategic procurement in Finland. The workshop featured productive exchanges, with stakeholders divided into thematic breakout sessions focused on green, innovation and socially responsible procurement. 

Workshop in Finland

Overall, the workshop in Finland demonstrated the commitment of participating organizations to the topic and their readiness to contribute to subsequent steps and the development of the roadmap.