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Recordings of the Procure4Health Webinar


Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) is a key instrument not only for public investment but also for economic development in general. It is a methodology that introduces new opportunities into the market, fostering for the first time the demand for innovative products that are incipient in research centres, and creating new business opportunities between start-ups and companies already established in the productive sector. It is considered a public policy strategy that favours the creation of synergies within the market and stimulates investment by private sector agents in the public administration. 

It is important to bear in mind that, depending on the strategic priorities of the region or country, different types of public procurement can be defined and configured (Pre-Commercial Public Procurement, Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions and Innovation Partnership). That’s why any Public Procurement of Innovation project should follow a series of stages to be successfully developed, including from the shaping of the project idea, validation of the unmet needs, open market consultation, funding opportunities identification, to the launch of the Public Procurement of Innovation tender, the award of the contract(s), its implementation and closure. All these key steps will be addressed in the webinar, also from the view of developed PCP and PPI projects which will share their lessons learnt. 

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