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News article12 March 2024

Big Buyers Working Together: Join the Annual Event!

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The Big Buyers Working Together (BBWT) team is organising its first in-person Annual Event 2024.

This event will offer a unique opportunity for sharing knowledge, forging connections, exchanging insights, and weaving the fabric of collaboration among public buyers on innovative and sustainable procurement.  

The three powerful themes of green/digital, social, and health procurement will be explored – setting the stage for engaging discussions and initiatives. 

The event is dedicated to participants from all 10 Communities of Practice (CoPs) that are part of the BBWT Project. Together, they will have the opportunity to discover opportunities for synergy and amplify the impact of the shared mission. The event is open to all stakeholders and the general public. 

If you are interested in participating to the event, or would like to join any of the BBWT Communities of Practice, please contact or 

More information about the programme and registration form are available at the link here.

Let's strengthen the bonds of our innovation procurement community across the EU.  

We look forward to welcoming you to the 1st Annual Event of the BBWT Project. Mark your calendar!