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News article13 February 2024

Report now available: The Future of Sustainable Public Procurement – Legal Possibilities and Obligations (Main Conclusions of UU Meeting)

Crowd at Utrecht University

Discover the main findings of the event 'The Future of Sustainable Public Procurement: Legal Possibilities and Obligations'

This report contains the main findings of the discussions that took place in Utrecht last year on 26 October. It focused on the trajectory from legal possibilities to obligations for sustainable public procurement in the European Union. Further, the event aimed to examine how this shift towards green and social obligations within public procurement law can be understood and interpreted, the impact of these obligations on Dutch procurement practices, and, finally, to find answers on how public procurement law can effectively operate in the future, especially in the context of the fight against climate change and growing social inequality. 

Relevance for the entire European Union 

The event, enhanced by input from various perspectives, including policy, science, and legal practice, delved into this significant legal development. It also marked the launch of the book Mandatory Sustainability Requirements in EU Public Procurement Law: Reflections on a Paradigm Change (ed. by W.A. Janssen, R. Caranta). This brief report provides a concise overview of the discussions during the event in an attempt to spur the debate and discussion throughout the European Union among all those involved in the public procurement world. It presents the main findings and conclusions.

Link to the report: