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News article24 October 2023

The social impact of public procurement

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The Social impact of procurement study, commissioned by the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs (EMPL Committee), delves into the heart of Directive 2014/24/EU and sheds light on the ways that public procurement can serve as a vehicle for social change.

The research endeavour was spearheaded by the Policy Department for Economic, Scientific, and Quality of Life Policies. Policy departments provide in-house and external expertise to support European Parliament committees and other parliamentary bodies in shaping legislation and exercising democratic scrutiny over EU internal policies.

Key objectives of the study include:

  • unveiling the untapped potential of Directive 2014/24/EU for achieving social goals,
  • analysing the extent to which Member States have transposed these possibilities into national law,
  • assessing the practical implementation of these provisions by contracting authorities across the EU,
  • identifying obstacles that impede the use of existing provisions, and
  • offering thoughtful recommendations for possible future EU actions in this domain.

This document is a valuable resource for policymakers, legislators, and stakeholders across the EU. By providing an in-depth understanding of the current legal framework and highlighting best practices within that framework, the study serves as a catalyst for informed decision-making and targeted interventions that promote social progress through public procurement.

The study is available on this platform as a Resource