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News article30 June 2023

Unlocking Innovation: new analysis on the use of Innovation Partnership between 2016-2022

key IP statistics

We are pleased to present our findings on the use of Innovation Partnerships (IPs) under the EU Public Procurement Directives (classic & utilities), based on the analysis of the available data from the TED database for the years 2016 to 2022. This overview not only sheds light on the use of Innovation Partnerships in terms of volume and contract value, but also presents findings on cross-border and SME participation in IP procedures.

Significant efforts were made to ensure the quality of the data used to collect missing or incorrect data. Through this analysis, we aim to provide actionable insights and promote a better understanding of IP in public procurement.

Some key figures include:

  • The total contract value of all IP cases between 2016 and 2022 is around €8.3 billion, the majority of which (~90 %) is procured under the classic Directive (2014/24/EU).
  • 18 out of the 30 observed countries (EU+EEA) have used IP in their public procurement.
  • > 60 % of the contracts were awarded with SME participation.
  • 40 % of the contract value is spent with a green or social objective.

Dive into the analysis as it reveals interesting patterns and provides valuable aggregated data to assess the use and impact of innovation partnerships in public procurement.

Innovation Partnership Overview 2023